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29 2015-05

The tour to Zhejiang

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The tour to Zhejiang
    May 17, 2015, all employees of Yancheng Senolo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., began a three-day trip in Zhejiang. The event not only enrich their spare time but also enhance the communication and cooperation between departments. Senolo-the family will be more harmonious and cohesion.

    The first afternoon, we arrive on cruise ships to enjoy the scenery of the West Lake.


    The next day, we went to the Qiandao Lake to enjoy the lake scenery.

    The last day, we play the thrills of water rafting.


    Our tour to Zhejiang is over. We pondered this trip and began preparations for a new round of work. We believe that everyone will be more abundant energy and more enthusiasm into work.

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