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                                Orthopedic Splint
                              (Fiberglass & Polyester)

This product is made of knitted fiberglass fabric or polyester fabric, and non-woven fabrics impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin.

1.Simple operation
Room temperature operation, short time, good molding feature.
2.High hardness & light weight
20 times hard than plaster bandage; light material and use less than plaster bandage;Its
weight is plasters 1/5 .
3. lacunary (many holes structure) for excellent ventilation
Unique knitted net structure make sure good air ventilation and prevent skin damp and
hot & pruritus.
4. Curing Speed
It ossifies in 3-5 minutes after open the package and could bear weight after 20
minutes,But plaster bandage need 24 hours for full concretion.
5.Excellent X-ray Projection
Good x-ray penetration ability makes X-ray photo clearly without remove the bandage,
but plaster bandage need remove to make x-ray inspection.
6.Good waterproofing quality
The moisture -absorbed percent is 85% less than plaster bandage, Even the patient
touch the water situation, it still could keep dry in the injury position.
7.Comfortable & safe to patient/doctor
Material is friendly to operator and it wont become tension after concretion.
8.Environment friendly
Material are environmental friendly, which could not produce polluted gas after
ISO & CE Certification

1.According To The Different Part, Choose The Right Specification.
2.Open The Packaging And Take Out The Splint, Dip In Room Temperature Water At 4-8
3.Take Out Then Pile Out The Excess Moisture Or Use The Dry Towel For Sucking.
4.Use The Splint To The Fixed Part Which Need To Covering, Then Can Be Enwind With
5.According To The Need Of Plasticing.

1.Be Careful Not To Break The Package.
2.Store SENBONI Splint&Bandage At Room Temperature.
Quality Guarantee Period: 3 years
Product NO Specification(cm) Carton Size(cm) Packing
XB312 7.5*30 64x49x44 20 unit/box* 6 box/carton
XB336 7.5*90 64x49x44 10 unit/box* 6 box/carton
XB416 10.0*40 64x49x44 20 unit/box* 6 box/carton
XB430 10.0*75 64x49x44 10 unit/box* 6 box/carton
XB530 12.5*75 55x49x44 10 unit/box* 4 box/carton
XB546 12.5*115 55x49x44 5 unit/box* 4 box/carton

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